About OVOS

Our Voices, Our Stories SF began in 2014 with 16 amazing writers and four engaging book chats one of which featured Natalie Bazile of Queen Sugar Fame and Eunetta Boone who recently became the first black woman showrunner on the Disney Channel. We bring you high-quality authors eager to share and discuss their work.  


The evening culminates in a book chat between Lisa D. Gray (the Founder and Curator of this landmark series), 

and one or more of the authors. 

The authors write across genres, so when you come, you hear everything from fiction to travel writing and poetry to memoir. These women's stories paint vivid pictures of what it's like to live in the world as a woman of color. They explore themes and topics everyone can relate to and understand. 

Now, more than ever, it’s vitally important to support and amplify the work of writers, libraries and reading.

Naomi Jelks, The African American Center at the San Francisco Public Library

Our Vision

Our Voices, Our Stories SF amplifies and elevates the voices or women of color writers.


This series seeks to ensure that as gentrification grips San Francisco and the Bay Area, the stories of women of color and their communities remain present in the City's culture. 

Our Mission

The series’ mission is to provide a space to uplift women writers of color in the literary world with a focus on the Bay Area.  


Curated by Lisa D. Gray, the series provides a place where women writers of color can come together to share their work with their readers and dialog about the complicated issues they write about in their work.